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WWOOFer feedback for Peace & Plenty Farm 2013 Season…(

“I’m grateful to Lloyd and Hopie for offering Sam and I the chance to work with Peace & Plenty in distributing locally grown, organic blueberries to the public and for warmly guiding us in learning how to rake and process berries while remaining ever open to fresh opinions and the possibility of innovation. Lloyd’s balance of knowledge and humility concerning his trade is engaging and a welcome trait in an employer. Raking is satisfying, transparent work that brings people closer to the land and to one another. It’s vital for people to understand the sources and origins of what they typically only see packaged on store shelves and to gain that understanding by their own hands. This experience offered me that opportunity to grow.”

“Potato Hill was a luxurious setting in which to relax after a day spent in the blueberry fields or hiking among resident beech, maple, moose, and ever reclusive black bears. Enjoying breakfast in the presence of a luminous mountain view beckons one to venture out into the world–not that imposed reality of concrete and steel, but the natural world: ever present, ever resilient, and ever awaiting our return to the community of life. When sitting around the evening fire, blanketed in starlight and nocturnal verse, appreciate your position in the constellations.”

Sam and Ray thank you for your hard work making a successful 2013 season and Happy Trails wherever you may go!

We think these blueberries taste better than others…for what that’s worth.

Interview with Arthur Harvey who is on our Peace & Plenty blueberry fields winnowing.

Some Fruits are better than others-as in blueberries

A look at Organic blueberry raking at the farm.


Sam shows where our blueberries come from and how.

So where are our grandchildren, Henry, Sophie, Preston, Lilias, Grace and Eva when it’s harvest time?

WWOOFERs help Peace & Plenty Farm in Maine get in the 2013 harvest.

WWOOFERs at Peace & Plenty Farm

Sam and Ray came to Peace & Plenty Farm for a little over 3 weeks to help us get in the 2013 harvest. Thank you so much for your help and happy trails.

Micro-Nutrient Superfoods? Organic Wild Maine Blueberries

Now there is convincing evidence that organic fruits and vegetables contain greater amounts
of micronutrients that can have a direct impact on our health.

This contains an interesting article by Joan Cheetham: Organic Fruits & Vegetables: Micro-Nutrient….

Organic Frozen Wild Maine Blueberries sold to Fidelis Dog Biscuit

Mic Mac sells 50 pounds of organic blueberries to Fidelis  Dog Biscuit

Mic Mac’s first 50 pound sale of wild Maine Blueberries to make Fidelis Dog Biscuits. April Thibideau picks up our blueberries coming from Rockland Maine. She tries to use local Maine ingredients that now include our blueberries.

Mic Mac Sampled her Fidelis Dog Biscuits and fully approves of them.