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Our quality camps near the Blueberry Fields for those of you that are too far away to visit for the day. We offer satellite wireless internet in most of our camps, and more coming soon. Our camps are in the High Peak Region of North Western Maine, also near the Appalachian Trail for some hiking. Other camps offer streams out the front door with swimming, beautiful views to neighboring mountains, and more. Click a camp to get started, and contact us when you’ve decided your rental option.

Our camps offer you the ultimate Maine experience with swimming, hiking, and blueberry picking. Contact Us for more information.

Our current camps up for rental:

Ames Camp — Potato Hill Camp – more coming soon!

Our Ames Camp overlooking the Orbeton Stream

Ames Camp overlooking the Orbeton Stream.

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  • Caitlin Jones says:

    i was looking for a source for frozen organic blueberries to put in the yogurt that my husband makes at his small dairy….we sell it here on the island. Marthas Vineyard, Ma. However, as I was surfing I noticed that you have a camp that you rent out to blueberry pickers etc…That is a really good idea. I had a fantasy this summer of running away from the august chaos here and getting my fix of blueberry picking and my hoard of winter fruit. I am an obsessed blueberry picker and of late the winter moth/ weird weather has really changed the wild blueberry crop around here, not to mention I sell tomatoes/ raspberries all summer and the work is never done etc…

    Anyway, if I could ever break away when do your blueberries ripen? How much do you charge per night for that camp? Or what about woofing for a week if I could find someone to pick the tomatoes?
    Caitlin Jones


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